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Live Events

Many users prefer logging their cues in Pro Tools and for their cues to "live" in the Pro Tools session as region groups. While this works well and has some advantages e.g. when picture changes occur and re-conforming is required, it doesn't make it straight forward to display prompts for a line of dialog to either preview it or also record it directly.

To do that, the Session Info would need to be exported and the resulting file would need to be imported into ADR Master. This then also implies that the cues "live" in Pro Tools and also in ADR Master. If you then realize that the in/out points are not exactly where they should be, you can either modify the event in ADR Master and then transfer the region back to Pro Tools or you can modify the region group in Pro Tools and export it again (or use the "Update Cue from DAW Selection" feature) to see if it matches now.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just preview a line of dialog with text overlay, progress bar, wipes or countdown and optional black screen before and after without even leaving Pro Tools? Now you can with ADR Master's new live events feature!

That all sounds great! Now tell me how to make it work!

Using Live Events is easy. You will need ADR Master connected with your Pro Tools rig on the same machine for synchronized playback. You can use either our very own DAWLink (setup instructions here) or the "classic" MTC/MMC/HUI setup (explained here). You will also need to allow ADR Master to use the macOS' Accessibility interface. See the last section of this article for details (the latter will only need to be done once).

With ADR Master and Pro Tools connected, select a region in Pro Tools and hit either Alt+Cmd+F1 (Rehearse), Alt+Cmd+F3 (Record) or Alt+Cmd+F4 (Review) to start the cue in one of the three modes. ADR Master will extract the region name as well as the region's start and end point and set up a live event with the region name as text.

If the playback doesn't start, please make sure that you have the whole region selected in Pro Tools and that the DAW control is enabled in ADR Master's DAW tab in the main window.