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MIDI Triggers


Although visual events can be added or imported directly from a file in any of the supported file formats, it is often desirable to trigger visual cues through external MIDI events (e.g. from your DAW). ADR Master can have Streamer, Punch/Flutter and ADR Cue Preroll events triggered this way.

It is not possible to trigger Markers via Triggers.

The added advantage of using Triggers, is that different colour streamers can be added for different musical notes on the keyboard - which can be useful for example to conduct different parts of an orchestra or different crowd actors to start at different points.

These trigger events can be programmed in this table in the MIDI Triggers tab of the Preferences window.

Trigger Preferences

When clicking the + button, a new row will appear with settings for the type of event to create when the trigger note is detected on the MIDI Trigger Input (ADR Cue Preroll, Streamer or Flutter), as well as the MIDI note that should trigger the event, the duration and the colour.

If the reference unit is set to tempo in the Streamer Preferences, a tempo for the trigger can be selected here.

Please be aware that these triggers may not be frame accurate when using supported video devices from BlackmagicDesign and AJA.