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An ADR Master project file contains two things: references to media (including their associated waveform cache) and timelines (including visual events such as Markers & ADR cues). When media is added to a project through any of the import methods, a reference to it is stored in the media bin and will be restored when the project is re-opened. This allows for super fast import, & great project media management, as no separate guide audio files are created & no video files are duplicated.

Working with Projects

Unless the default MISC project preferences have been changed, when you first launch ADR Master, it will present you with a blank project called, <untitled project> with a blank timeline called, unnamed timeline- into which you can directly start importing video.

Main Window with empty project loaded

Saving a Project

To name the current project & save it, go to File > Save Project (or Command+S), choose a location in the browser window & enter a name.

As there is no copied video or audio media with an ADR Master project, it is not imperative that the project file itself lives on a fast access disk. Although it is advisable to put the video or audio files themselves on fast access disks for the best performance.

Once any further changes have been made, the currently already defined project can quickly be saved by selecting File > Save Project (or Command+S).

The Project auto-save preference, Automatically save projects every (x) minutes can be found in Preferences>MISC tab.

Automatically Save Projects Preference Setting

When this checkbox is set, ADR Master will automatically save the project at a definable minute interval which can be set in the text box.

ADR Master will make sure to not interrupt playback, by only saving when not playing back.

Loading a Project

To load a previous project, either double-click it in the Finder, or go to File > Open Project (shortcut Command+O) & choose the project from the browser window.

The Project loading preference, Automatically Open Last Used Project on Application Launch can be found under the general settings in the MISC tab of the Preferences window:

Automatically Open Last Project Preference Setting

If set, ADR Master will open the last used project when it launches.

If the project can't be found at the original location (e.g. if it was on an unavailable drive), it will create a blank project instead.