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DAW Control & Accessibility API Setup

Accessibility API setup

In order for ADR Master to be able to take control of your Pro Tools session, it must first be enabled in the macOS built-in Accessibility interface.

Switch to the DAW tab in the tab view at the top left of the main window and in the first DAW Selection section, enable the tick-box next to Enable DAW Control.

Enable DAW Control option

A window will appear asking for ADR Master to be allowed as a trusted application in System Preferences.

Security & Privacy > Accessibility

This window also appears when ADR Master is launched with DAW Control enabled, but the Accessibility has not been enabled. Or after some updates - this can also need re-adding.

Upon clicking the Open System Preferences button in the window, the correct settings page will appear.

To manually access this window, go to: Apple > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy tab > Accessibility.

Security & Privacy > Accessibility

Click the lock icon at the bottom left and enter your password. Then select ADR Master in the list and enable the checkbox.

ADR Master should now find your open Pro Tools session in the DAW Tab. It will display the application version of Pro Tools, the name of the loaded session and the audio tracks within the session.

DAW Selection Enabled

ADR Master requires Pro Tools to be set to English. If Pro Tools does not show up despite a session being loaded, and the Edit window visible, please set Pro Tools to English in the application preferences.

Next, go to Preferences>ADR REC>CONTROL SETTINGS>DAW Control Mode & select the preferred communication protocol - between only Key Commands, or HUI & Key Commands.

DAW Control Mode

Generally, the Key Commands only option is preferable. In order to not break compatibility with Legacy users who still use HUI for this, we have kept the option to use HUI as well - though this setup is no longer necessary.

If the HUI & Key Commands option is chosen, please follow these next directions to enable HUI.

If the DAW Control Mode is set to Key Commands Only, then setup is complete - please skip to the next chapter.

ADR Master HUI Setup

In the SYNC tab in the Preferences window in ADR Master, check that the HUI In & HUI Out virtual ports are set to the default values ADR Master HUI In (virtual) & ADR Master HUI Out (virtual) respectively.

ADR Master HUI I/O Settings

Pro Tools HUI Setup

Launch Pro Tools®, go to the Setup > MIDI > MIDI Input Devices & make sure that the four ADR Master HUI Out (virtual) MIDI Inputs are enabled.

New MIDI Inputs are disabled by Pro Tools® by default until they are manually activated.

Next go to Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers tab.

In the first row, under the Type column, select HUI.

In the adjacent Receive From column, select Predefined > ADR Master HUI Out 1 (virtual).

Connecting ADR Master’s HUI Input

In the adjacent Send To column, select Predefined > ADR Master HUI Out 1 (virtual).

Connecting ADR Master’s HUI Output

This process can then be repeated up to four times to accommodate bigger sessions.

Click OK once done.