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Video Sync

Video Sync is the industry standard for accurate synchronised video playback with any DAW that can supply MIDI Timecode & MIDI Machine Control. Or enjoy the tightest possible sync & integration with Pro Tools|Ultimate™ & Pro Tools|HD™ using Satellite Link. Reduce your DAW’s CPU load by letting it focus on the audio, while Video Sync handles all the video heavy-lifting effortlessly. Or remove the video playback CPU load completely, by using Video Sync on another computer. Video Sync can playback all the most commonly used codecs including ProRes, H.264, and AVC Intra; & the most supported container types like QuickTime.

Video Sync Pro

Video Sync Pro extends Video Sync’s feature set with even more functionality, including support for files stored in MXF containers (Op 1A and Op Atom) as well as for AJA devices and the Syphon framework. Video Sync 5 Pro also enables 4K playback through Blackmagic or AJA devices.