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DAW Sync Overview & Setup Options


One of the core main features of Video Sync, is its ability to play back movies accurately & in sync to external timecode sources - such as a DAW. Video Sync is now optimised to work with Pro Tools® | Ultimate™ & Pro Tools | HD™, using Satellite Link - which provides the tightest possible sync integration with Pro Tools® - for incredibly accurate scrubbing, selection and moving of Visual Events in any direction in the timeline, or regions within Pro Tools® - while the picture in Video Sync constantly updates.

Choose the corresponding chapter for the relevant number of computers & sync type.

  1. Avid® Pro Tools | Ultimate™ (version 2021.3 or higher only) on the same computer via Avid® Satellite Link

  2. Avid® Pro Tools on the same computer via MTC, MMC & HUI

  3. Avid® Pro Tools | Ultimate™ / Pro Tools | HD™ on on a separate computer via Avid® Satellite Link

  4. Avid® Pro Tools on a separate computer via network MTC, MMC & HUI

With Video Sync on the same computer as Pro Tools® with Avid Satellite Link, Pro Tools | Ultimate™ is required (minimum version 2021.3).

With Video Sync & Pro Tools® on separate computers, any version of Pro Tools® | Ultimate™ or Pro Tools® HD 11 can be used, although an Avid® HDX or HD Native interface with SyncHD or Sync X are not strictly required. Though if Video Sync is part of a larger Satellite network, at least one of the systems must have a Sync HD™ or SyncX interface attached, and would ideally also be video reference locked.

Avid®’s Satellite Link requirements state that a wired ethernet connection is needed.

For DAWs that do not support Avid® Satellite Link (e.g. Pro Tools® Software), MIDI Timecode (MTC) is used for synchronised playback; while MIDI Machine Control (MMC) is used for locating while not playing and scrubbing. For Pro Tools® (non Ultimate / HD) systems, along with MTC & MMC, HUI is also needed if looped playback is required.

Regardless of DAW sync type, HUI can also be used alongside keystroke commands for DAW Control of Pro Tools® in Video Sync.