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Bulk Visual Event Import


Bulk Visual Event import from other platforms is supported in a variety of ordered formats, that begins from File > Import Events From File.

Wherever possible, all text formatting is maintained, including text colour.

Ordered Formats

Ordered Formats allow for much more detailed control and smoother or automatic mapping import of all cues at once. Upon importing ordered format cues, Video Sync will parse the file and display the content in a table-like manner.

Ordered formats include the following fully parsable & fixed mapping file formats:

.srt SRT Subtitle format .stl STL Subtitle format

Pro Tools Session Info as Text (.txt) & Netflix TTAL import are only supported with ADR Master.

For these formats, Video Sync can clearly identify how the information contained in the file needs to be used - as it's clearly defined by one standard layout where information about the actor, text, notes etc. can be found for each cue - so the column headings are locked, allowing for quicker & easier import.

Ordered formats also include the following parsable but less standard formats which offer suggested logical mapping with the opportunity to manually correct any mismatched field headings before importing. These include:

.csv Comma separated text files .tab Tab separated text files

.xlsx Microsoft Excel import is only supported with ADR Master.

For these formats, Video Sync can only guess what information it may contain (using keywords in the first line of the document) - so the resultant column mapping may not always be correct. In these instances, the table has a dropdown menu on each column, which lets you map the information a column contains to the correct property for each event (e.g. start timecode, text, comment, etc). For easily-parsable formats like e.g. ADR Studio XML, these dropdown menus will be pre-selected with what Video Sync thinks is correct. Though it is still advisable to scan through the columns and make any corrections in the heading columns if needed.

Unordered formats such as Microsoft Word .docx & .pdf are only supported with ADR Master.