Knowledge Base

Keyboard Shortcuts

To work efficiently with Video Slave, we added shortcuts for all of the functions you use on a daily basis. Find a full list of shortcuts available listed here.


Command Key
Play/Stop SPACE
Return to Zero Z
Lock/unlock to external sync Cmd + L
Move 1 frame earlier LEFT ARROW
Move 1 frame later RIGHT ARROW
Move 1 second eariler Option + LEFT ARROW
Move 1 second later Option + RIGHT ARROW
Move 5 seconds earlier Shift + LEFT ARROW
Move 5 seconds later Shift + RIGHT ARROW



Command Key
Save Project Cmd + S
Save Project as... Cmd + Shift + S
Add Media to Project Cmd + Shift + O
Open Project Cmd + O
New Project Cmd + N


Visual Events

Command Key
New Marker Event M
New Streamer Event S
New Flutter Event F
Duplicate Current Event Cmd + D
Merge Selected Events Alt + Cmd + M
Split Current Event At Playhead Alt + Cmd + S
Delete Event Delete or Backspace key with event selected
Select Previous Event Cmd + LEFT ARROW
Select Next Event Cmd + RIGHT ARROW
Go To In Point Of Current Event I
Go To Out Point Of Current Event O
Set Playhead as Current Event's In Point Shift + I
Set Playhead as Current Event's Out Point Shift + O


Window / View

Command Key
Show Event List Window Shift + L
Show Audio Settings Window Shift + A
Show Preferences Cmd + ,
Toggle Overlays Globally Shift + Cmd + B
Zoom In Horizontally T
Zoom Out Horizontally R


System-wide hotkeys

Command Key
Select Previous Event Cmd + F5
Select Next Event Cmd + F6
Set Playhead as Current Event's In Point Cmd + F9
Set Playhead as Current Event's Out Point Cmd + F10
Go To Current Event's In Point Cmd + F11
Go To Current Event's Out Point Cmd + F12
Split Current Event at Playhead Cmd + F13
Toggle Overlays Globally Cmd + F14
Open Go To Event Window Cmd + F15
DAW Duplicate Current Event Cmd + F16