Snapshot 2

The plug-in for audio hardware lovers

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Snapshot currently supports macOS 10.9 or higher and Windows 10

What is Snapshot?

Snapshot is a simple idea, take a picture of anything you are using in your recording session and store it in the tracks of your DAW.

  • Got a sound on your vintage 1176 compressor you've set for the vocal? Snapshot it.
  • Got a guitar amp setting you just love? Snapshot it.
  • Want to recall the mic set-up on your cabs or drum kit? Snapshot it.

Snap it on your phone, send it to your computer and save it in your session using the free Snapshot plug-in. You can also add notes to each instance of Snapshot. It's like a chinagraph for the 21st century.

Snapshot works with all major DAWs, uses minimal resources and is simple to use ... and did we say it's free?

Download Snapshot for Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Cubase, Studio One, in fact, any DAW that supports AAX, AU or VST plug-in formats.

New features in version 2

  • Snapshot now supports Windows 10 as well as macOS 10.9 and above
  • Load several images into Snapshot and move through them easily
  • Snapshot now displays each image in a set in their original aspect ratio
  • Rotate each image within Snapshot

Professionals love Snapshot!

Snapshot is a cool plug-in that makes studio outboard recall quick and easy. Snap a picture on the phone, sync with Dropbox and hey presto, hardware settings saved with a session. I'd pay for it, but it's free, can't argue with that.
Dan CooperEditor, Music Producer, Musician - Pro Tools Expert
Snapshot removes all the inconvenience, lengthy recall procedure and extra data management that used to accompany processing audio through my outboard, pedals and amps. This is an absolutely essential part of my mixing and tracking sessions now.
Emre RamazanogluMusic Producer, Engineer, Mixer - Radius Music
The snapshot plugin has made outboard and console recall a much more manageable process.
James IveyTechnical Editor, Audio Professional - Pro Tools Expert