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Visual Events Overview


Marker, Streamer, Flutter, & ADR Cue Visual Events all trigger their respective overlays at specific points in the timeline. Each timeline can have different sequences of visual event cues within the same ADR Master Project.

Visual Events can be accessed from the Visual Events Track in each timeline, the Properties Tab, the Event List Window, or the DAW Control Window.

Visual Events Track

All Visual Events are displayed on the the Visual Events track of the current Timeline above the video and audio tracks.

Visual Events Track with several events

Markers appear in yellow, Streamers in blue, Punch/Flutters in purple, & ADR Cue Events in pink.

Event List

All Visual Events are also displayed in list form in the Event List, which can be kept open in a separate window accessed via the Window menu. This gives a more thorough view of all the details associated with events.

Event List Window

The Event list allows for easy navigation to each visual event, by clicking on the relevant event in the list, or by scrolling up and down in the list using the up and down arrow keys. Multiple Visual Events can also be selected this way by using the standard Apple shift or command modifier keys - and similar parameters edited simultaneously by adjusting any one of the Visual Event parameters.

It is also possible to change the type of visual overlay of any Visual Event in the Event List.

It is not possible to change the type of visual overlay in the Timeline.

The Event List window can be customized to fit your needs by right clicking the table header to remove or add columns. You can also reorder the columns by dragging them. Many columns can be resized by moving the mouse near the border or the column header and then dragging to resize. The Event List layout will be saved when ADR Master is closed and restored when the app is opened again.

DAW Control Window

Visual Events can also be selected one at a time from a pull-down menu from the DAW Control window.

DAW Control window can be shown using the Window Menu

DAW Control Window{width=50%}