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ADR Master

Live Events

ADR Master's new Live Events feature allows you to rehearse/record/review cues without importing them into ADR Master - live from your Pro Tools session. More info on this great feature in this article.

Importing Shooting Scripts

With ADR Master's aided script import feature you can import ADR cues from PDF or Word documents. This article tells your more about it.

Creating and Importing Cues

Learn more about creating ADR cues either directly in ADR Master or together with Pro Tools. Also learn about importing cues from a variety of supported formats.

Dealing with high frame rate content

ADR Master allows for synchronized playback of clips with up to 60 frames per second. MIDI timecode (MTC) - being a standard from the 80s - doesn't support frame rates higher than 30 frames per second. This article will tell you what to look out for when playing back clips with frame rate higher than 30 fps.

Projects in ADR Master

Learn more about projects in Video Slave and what you can do with timelines within the project.

Editing in ADR Master

With the release of ADR Master we switched from a playlist-based approach to a timeline-based approach. This article will discuss the new video and audio editing capabilities you now have in ADR Master.

Setting up ADR Master with Pro Tools

To use ADR Master to cue and record dialogue with Pro Tools, a few things need to be setup. This article discusses the necessary steps.

Recording with ADR Master and Pro Tools

This article will discuss recording ADR Cues with ADR Master and Pro Tools.

ADR Master and Contour ShuttlePRO

ADR Master can be controlled with Contour ShuttlePro. Lean more about the setup in this article.

Exporting Movies

ADR Master can not only playback movies in a variety of formats, it can also export them. This can be very handy in several situations. This article tells you more about the movie export capabilities.

Using multiple video devices

With ADR Master it is possible to playback using multiple video devices at the same time. This article tells you what to look out for to get the best performance for your particular use case.

Keyboard Shortcuts

ADR Master offers a number of keyboard shortcuts - both system-wide and standard ones - that makes operation of the app easier and more intuitive.

The Audio Settings Window

ADR Master offers audio features that will help you in your every-day workflow. This article will discuss ADR Master's audio settings window which contains several related settings and is also the place for managing audio output busses.

Overlays and visual events

ADR Master supports different kinds of visual overlays to aid your workflow in a variety of ways. This article tells you all about the different kinds of visual overlays and what their intended use case is.

The Preferences

This article discusses all the preference settings present in ADR Master including everything from timecode input to video devices, overlays and MIDI triggers.