Video Slave 4

Video Slave 4

State-of-the-art synchronized video player

Video Slave 4 is the industry standard application for synchronized movie playback for your DAW. Let your DAW handle the audio and use Video Slave do what it is best at and do all the heavy lifting with video effortlessly. Our video engine supports a wide range of video codecs and containers so you don't need to worry about platform-specific video anymore and can focus on the creative process. Video Slave's feature set is designed for composers and audio professionals alike.

Video Slave 4 Pro

State-of-the-art synchronized video player with an extended feature set

Video Slave 4 Pro extends Video Slave 4's feature set with even more functionality, including support for files stored in MXF containers (Op 1A and Op Atom) as well as for AJA devices and the Syphon framework. Video Slave 4 Pro also enables 4K play-out through Blackmagic and AJA devices. Video Slave 4 Pro is the perfect companion for post-production facilities and live production engineers.