Video Slave becomes Video Sync

Written by Flo Loferer on Jun 15, 2021

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“What’s Video Sync?” & “What have you done with Video Slave!?”, we hear you ask.

The name 'Video Slave' was originally chosen using the established 'Master' & 'Slave' Post-Production terminology, to denote the fact that the software chases timecode from a Master system supplying timecode.

But it had become increasingly evident to us over the years, that using out-dated terminology like 'slave' - even though we did not mean that in regard to slavery - can still be offensive. A couple of our users also reached out to us with some very heart-felt messages. Of course we do not want to put people off using our software because of a word's other meanings - so we have decided to permanently rename 'Video Slave' to 'Video Sync' with this new release.

It’s still the same great product, but with a now slightly improved name.