DAWLink - End of Life Notice

Jun 15, 2021

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A few years ago, we released DAWLink as tool that could be used as an alternative to MTC/MMC setup in Audio MIDI Setup- to simplify the DAW sync setup process with different DAWs and Video Slave/ADR Master.

DAWLink was based on the ReWire protocol, and while this felt like the perfect fit in the beginning - it quickly turned out to have several drawbacks. The biggest one being the missing support for tempo changes, the missing delay compensation (requiring the user to compensate for the delay manually) or the missing support for scrubbing, half-speed playback, etc.

Now that ReWire has officially been discontinued by the manufacturer, and we now have a far simpler setup process using Avid Satellite Link for connecting Video Sync/ADR Master to Pro Tools - we have decided to discontinue DAWLink.

ProjectLink is a separate new plugin that can be used to connect your DAW sessions with your Video Sync/ADR Master projects. You can download it now from here.