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Genlocked Playback
With Video Slave and ADR Master, you can leverage the accuracy of genlocked playback to get the tightest synchronized playback possible. If you are not familiar with the terms "genlock" or "video reference", this article will try to shed some light on the topic and hopefully help clearing things up.
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Activating your PACE License
With the release of Video Slave 4 and the first version of ADR Master, we switched to industry-leading PACE software protection platform for perpetual licenses of our products. This article contains a how to guide for those of you who haven't used iLoks or the PACE tools before.
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Learn what you need to do in order to provide the timing information needed to Video Slave or ADR Master. This article will cover the steps for a number of DAWs.
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Network MIDI Setup
The easiest way to supply MTC and MMC to Video Slave / ADR Master especially when it's not running on the same machine also running the DAW is network MIDI. This article will explain the setup with Apple's Audio-MIDI Setup.
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Video Coding Basics
Video coding is a very wide and complicated field with a lot of effort spent throughout the last decades.This article will not try to cover everything but only the things necessary for flawless operation of Video Slave and ADR Master.
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