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ADR Master and Contour ShuttlePro

ADR Master exposes shortcuts for all important operations. Thus, ADR Master can be controlled nicely by third party devices like the Contour ShuttlePRO v2. Get more information about the ShuttlePRO support here.

The Contour ShuttlePRO v2 is a freely programmable and thus very versatile but also affordable multi-button controller. That's why we think it is the perfect companion for ADR Master. To setup the device, you need to download the drivers and setup application from here.

The ShuttlePRO works on a per application basis. It detects which application is currently in the foreground and then executes the commands you programmed in the setup application for this particular application. So as an example: if Pro Tools is the current foreground appliation and you press a button, it will execute the command you programmed for the application Pro Tools for this particular button in the setup application. You could for example execute the key command "press Cmd + 7" to select the Smart Tool in Pro Tools whenever the button 11 on the ShuttlePRO is pressed and Pro Tools is the foreground application.

VS3 ShuttlePro Settings example


We thought it might be handy to give you pre-configured settings files (one for Pro Tools and one for ADR Master) to get you started with ShuttlePRO and ADR Master easily. You can download them here. After downloading the files, open the Shuttle settings app and import the two files one by one using the gear button at the bottom left and then picking "Import Settings". This map shows what the buttons will be mapped to after importing:

VS3 ContourShuttle ButtonMap

Please feel free to modify the template to match your personal preference!