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Setting up ADR Master with Pro Tools

Setting up ADR Master with Pro Tools

To cue and record dialogue with Pro Tools, a few things need to be setup. In particular, these are:

  • MIDI Timecode (MTC)
  • MIDI Machine Control (MMC)
  • HUI
  • Accessibility

MIDI Timecode, MIDI Machine Control and HUI Setup

One of the most important features of ADR Master is its ability to playback movies in sync to external timecode sources. MIDI Timecode (MTC) is used for synchronized playback and MIDI Machine Control (MMC) is used for locating while not playing and scrubbing. As a timecode source, you can use any kind of device or software that can supply MTC or MMC. For this tutorial, Pro Tools will be used as MTC and MMC source. Setting ADR Master as a HUI controller allows it to control the Pro Tools track mute and record states.

Let's start by opening the ADR Master preferences and selecting the "General" tab (if it isn't already shown).


We recommend using the virtual ports ADR Master creates automatically for MTC, MMC as well as HUI as they don't require any additional setup steps. Just make sure "ADR Master MTC In (virtual)", "ADR Master MMC In (virtual)" and "ADR Master HUI In (virtual)" / "ADR Master HUI Out (virtual)" are selected in the dropdown menus.

We prepared a separate article to give you more information about setting up MTC/MMC and HUI with your DAW. Using the peripherals setting in Pro Tools described in this article, set the Pro Tools MTC Generator port to "ADR Master MTC In (virtual)", the MIDI Machine Control Master send to "ADR Master MMC In (virtual)" and the HUI In and Out for the first bank to "ADR Master HUI In 1 (virtual)" and "ADR Master HUI Out 1 (virtual)" respectively.

If you're having problems getting the synchronized playback to work, please have a look at the article Getting Started with Video Slave 4 which has more detailed instructions on the synchronized playback part. The setup is identical for ADR Master.

Once your DAW is setup and the MIDI inputs within ADR Master are configured correctly, you're almost done. You should now see the incoming timecode and the timecode rate in the MIDI I/O section of the General preferences changing when you hit play or scrub within your DAW. You can now add media to your project and drag it to the timeline.

Now you only need to tell ADR Master to follow external sync by clicking the sync button. If you also setup MMC, it should now also follow the locate commands while not playing.

ADRM Setup 3

Accessibility API setup

Lastly, ADR Master needs to be set as a trusted application in the macOS Accessibility System Preferences. Using this interface, ADR Master can control more properties of the tracks in your Pro Tools session e.g the track input states and track names among other things. When ADR Master is launched and the DAW Control is enabled (switch to the "DAW" tab in the tab view at the top left of the main window and make sure to enable it if it isn't), a window will appear asking you to allow ADR Master as a trusted application in the System Preferences. When you click the button in the window, you will be taken to the correct settings page (Security and Privacy -> Privacy tab -> Accessibility).

ADRM Setup 3

Click the lock icon at the bottom left and enter your password. Then select ADR Master in the list and set the checkbox.

Finally, restart ADR Master and you're done. You're all set to use ADR Master and start creating cues or importing them.