Video Slave 4 Pro

state-of-the-art synchronized video player

Stop worrying about video playback and get back to focussing on your actual work! Video Slave is here to do the heavy lifting with video for you. With support for a wide range of video formats as well as for video output devices, it is your perfect companion and belongs in every sound engineer's toolbox. Over the last years, Video Slave was established as the industry standard for synchronized video playback and is used by hundreds of professionals around the globe on a daily basis. Download your demo today to see for yourself how it can improve and speed up your workflow!

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Main features

Synchronized Playback - Simple and Powerful

Video Slave offers seamless playback of movies in sync to MIDI Timecode. It works with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Nuendo, Cubase and Studio One - or any other device that can generate timecode as a source.

Video Slave's sync engine provides stunningly fast locking times and tight sync guaranteed: in many cases, it's better than using the video engine built into your DAW.

Playback Engine with GPU-supported Rendering

Leverage the power of Video Slave to playback all today's commonly used codecs including ProRes, H.264, and AVC Intra. The supported container types include QuickTime and others.

Stop wasting time transcoding movie clips to a format preferred by your DAW. Just drop the video clip into Video Slave, and it does the rest.

Video Slave 4 gives exceptional video playback and saves you valuable time.

Video Device Support with Unrivaled Flexibility

Don't be tied to simple playback through your computer monitor. Video Slave also supports a range of Blackmagic Design devices including their DeckLink, UltraStudio and Intensity products.

Video Slave displays the video on all attached devices as well as the inbuilt player view at the same time and ensures that all the displays are in perfect sync. Also, if you're using a projector, Video Slave offers a handy projection delay compensation.

Customizable Movie Export

An essential part of any workflow is the ability to export movies for different scenarios. Ever needed to export a movie with an added piece of music for the director? Alternatively, export a video with your programmed visual cues to send to the scoring stage?

Now you can with Video Slave's flexible movie exporting features. Video Slave 4 offers you the flexibility to select output options of video and audio codec, include or remove audio tracks, and export range.

Christopher Doucet
Composer for film and TV

I think there are certain things that just make sense, and end up becoming the industry standard. [...] Video Slave is kind of the same thing for me; I personally think it’s going to be a must-have if you’re working to video. Especially with all the different file formats and video encoding; all the different variables that can happen."

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Other features

Overlays to transform your daily work
Video Slave 4 is the industry standard application for synchronized movie playback for your DAW. Let your DAW handle the audio and use Video Slave do what it is best at and do all the heavy lifting with video effortlessly. Our video engine supports a wide range of video codecs and containers so you don't need to worry about platform-specific video anymore and can focus on the creative process. Video Slave's feature set is designed for composers and audio professionals alike.
Professional audio capabilities
Video Slave will playback all audio tracks a movie contains with up to 8 channels per track. Additionally, you can create audio tracks and drag audio files to them the same way you can in your DAW. Video Slave will draw audio waveforms and offer all audio-related features you are used to on your workstation such as flexible output routing and standard audio controls such as solo, mute, volume and pan on an individual track basis.
Ease your workflow with timelines

No matter if you're working on a reel-based feature film, commercials or a whole season of a TV or web series, Video Slave's timeline feature has you covered!

A project in Video Slave can contain several timelines, and each timeline can hold several video and audio tracks. Use one movie per timeline or all reels of a film, use several video tracks in one timeline or only one and instead use separate timelines - whatever aids your workflow. Edit video and audio regions to easily insert a rendered scene or have one timeline for a reel-wise and another for a tied version of the same film for presentation purposes - all in the same project and with minimal effort.

Plays nice with others

Video Slave 4 works well with other software solutions such as The Cargo Cult's Spanner 3. The integration allows users to display pan positions from Spanner directly in Video Slave.

We will be adding more integrations with other software solutions very soon!

See a full list of features and system requirements Hide feature list
Video Slave 4 Standard
Video Slave 4 Pro
Movie playback
Synchronized movie playback with scrubbing support using MTC and MMC
Support for all of the most common codecs and containers
Support for movies in the MXF container (Op1A and OpAtom)
Projects with timelines
Flexible movie export to H.264 and Pro Res
Video device support
Blackmagic Device Support with output resolutions up to Full HD
Blackmagic/AJA Device Support
Support for output resolutions up to 4K
Video reference/genlock support
Syphon Framework Support
Overlays / visual events
Timecode overlay
Streamer, Marker, Flutter events
Visual event import (CSV, ADR Studio XML, SRT/STL)
System requirements
Supported OS
Mac OS X 10.10 and later
Minimum Requirements
Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 4 GB RAM, HDD, 512 MB VRAM
Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 4 GB RAM, HDD, 512 MB VRAM
Recommended Requirements
Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 8 GB RAM, SSD, 1 GB VRAM
Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 8 GB RAM, SSD, 1 GB VRAM

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