Video Slave 4.4/ADR Master 1.4 Released

ADR Master 1.1 Release

We have just released Video Slave 4.4/ADR Master 1.4 containing new features, improvements and bug fixes. This new version is a recommended update and is free for all Video Slave 4 and ADR Master users and also for all subscribers. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the Video Slave/ADR Master menu or download the file directly from this site.

All Changes in Video Slave 4.4 and ADR Master 1.4:

New features and improvements

  • Improved cue number generation when importing shooting scripts (ADR Master only)
  • Editing text in Script Import Window can now also be undone/redone (ADR Master only)
  • The folder relink option added recently now also searches the selected folder recursively (inlcuding subfolders)
  • When "New Cue from Script Selection" is selected in Script Import Window, ADR Master now also jumps to the start TC of the cue (ADR Master only)
  • ADR Master now automatically selects the next lines when a cue is submitted in Script Import Window (ADR Master only)
  • When exporting, VS/ADRM now presets the project name in the save dialog
  • Added #cues column in character table in project tab to make combining characters with similar name easier (ADR Master only)
  • The PDF layout labels when exporting now also contain what additional fields they contain to make it more obvious (ADR Master only)
  • The character and actor filter dropdown menus only show the characters and actors present in the currently selected timeline (ADR Master only)
  • Right-clicking on a track or on the empty area below the tracks now allow for adding new or deleting selected tracks
  • Audio and video files can now also be dragged to the empty area below the tracks and VS/ADRM will create the corresponding video/audio tracks for you. This works from the Media Bin and from the Finder.
  • Improved display behavior of the property editor (in the Properties tab) when both event and media regions are selected. VS/ADRM now shows the properties for the last selected region.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the window size and position restoration to not work properly
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when the event list window was used
  • Fixed a bug causing a wrong sort order in the event list
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong tracks to be named when recording with ADR Master (ADR Master only)
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when writing PDFs on Catalina (ADR Master only)
  • Fixed a bug causing a deadlock (beachball) when starting a rehearse/record/review pass from ADR Master (ADR Master only)
  • Fixed a bug causing an error message occurring more than once when closing a Pro Tools session with ADR Master attached (ADR Master only)
  • Fixed a bug causing MIDI messages to be delivered out of order potentially causing jumpy picture
  • Fixed a bug causing the exported audio to be delayed
  • Fixed a bug causing the Properties tab not being redrawn when the top window section was resized.
  • The tooltip about muting individual channels of stereo audio tracks when right-clicking the Mute button was shown on the video track's mute button as well although the right-click didn't work there.
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements