Video Slave 4.5/ADR Master 1.5 Released

ADR Master 1.1 Release

We have just released Video Slave 4.5/ADR Master 1.5 containing new features, improvements and bug fixes. This new version is a recommended update and is free for all Video Slave 4 and ADR Master users and also for all subscribers. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the Video Slave/ADR Master menu or download the file directly from this site.

All Changes in Video Slave 4.5 and ADR Master 1.5:

New features and improvements

  • ADR Master can now also import cues from Excel files
  • You can now scrub using the numeric keypad keys 1/4/7 (reverse) and 3/6/9 (forward). If Pro Tools is attached, ADR Master will scrub audio within Pro Tools and ADR Master will follow (HUI connection required).
  • The user can now decide if he wants to import cues into the timeline directly or to the Script Import Window.
  • EuroTaker CSV files can now also be imported if no "Typ" column is present
  • When importing cues, ADR Master now removes trailing whitespaces in cue numbers
  • ADR Master now updates cue numbers automatically when they are computed and one of the computed properties change.
  • ADR Master now shows all characters in the dropdown list instead of only the ones used in the timeline
  • The first frame/last frame of action are now used automatically as start and end markers when exporting movies and if timeline in and out points are not set
  • ADR Master can now export Arendis scheduling files
  • Removed timeline handling length
  • When "Streamer finishes on bar" is selected, the finish bar is now as wide as the streamer itself
  • If "single event w/ open end" mode is selected, the black screen after out is only applied if the "black screen after out preference" is set.
  • Improved Pro Tools record state detection code for PT 12 to Pro Tools 2020.5.
  • Changed fullscreen mode behavior to prevent the menu bar from disappearing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the "No Audio Output Device" device to not show up in the Audio Settings Window.
  • Fixed a bug causing MIDI Triggers not working as expected.
  • Fixed a bug causing the streamer duration to be wrong after committing a cue from the Script Import Window
  • Event list now reloads when an event property changes and the table is sorted by that property
  • Other fixes and improvements