New website published

Today, we have released a new version of our website which we've been working on for quite some time.

The old website has been used for several years and we felt that it was time to start fresh with a new site with more features for our users and a better base for improvements and new features in the future.

Month-to-month subscriptions

So far we only offered subscriptions with monthly payments but an annual contract for our products Video Slave and ADR Master. Several users have asked for month-to-month subscriptions without the annual commitment. We understand that this is advantageous if you want to use our software on short term projects or just to have the flexibility of cancelling it when you no longer need it.

From now on you can decide if you want to subscribe for an annual subscription with monthly payment but annual contract or for month-to-month subscriptions.

Download file history

Both Video Slave and ADR Master can be kept up-to-date using a built-in updater component. This updater will check for new versions of the software automatically and install them on behalf of the user. This will work well in 99% of the cases. It however happens from time to time that an update is published that not only adds new features and fixes bugs but also introduces new ones. We're of course doing our best that this doesn't happen but sometimes it still does.

In that case it hasn't been possible to go back to an older, working version easily as the auto updater replaced the old version with the new one. So affected users typically got in touch via email and asked for a download link for the older version. This in turn usually meant downtime for them which is of course not in our interest either.

With the new website all users now have access to all of the most recent versions of the software they purchased a license for through the "My Licenses" page.

So in case an update breaks anything, you can now easily download another version without further assistance from our end.

New user story

We had the chance to talk to Ben Sinclair from Images and Sound in New Zealand about their use of ADR Master in today's fast paced environment. Read the full story here.

We need your feedback!

If you notice anything on the new website that doesn't work as expected then please get in touch!