Review Of Video Slave 2 From Studio One Expert

Video Slave 2, our synchronized video player for all popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Studio One, has been reviewed from Marcus Huyskens on Studio One Expert recently.Marcus says this in his article; "I recently had the opportunity to check out this brilliant app for working with video in Studio One. So I encourage you to read my review."

Marcus continues:

"As many of you are well aware, I come from a Pro Tools background - working both in Music and Post. Needless to say, working with video was quite a regular occurrence for me. This has always been something that Pro Tools has done well, but that doesn't mean it came without difficulties!

Working With Video In The DAW World

Ahhhh yes, the wonderful world of video! Timecode, framerates, transcoding, and the fine art of managing everything to get decent performance out of your system AND reliable video playback. I recently came across a video review done by Alan Sallabank from our sister site Pro Tools Expert, where he demonstrated using Video Slave 2 Pro for video playback with Pro Tools. Essentially this application bypasses the need to use the video engine within your DAW & instead, uses MIDI Timecode sent from your DAW to synchronize frame accurate video playback from within Video Slave 2 Pro."

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