Review Of Video Slave 3 From Pro Tools Expert

VS3 Review Pro Tools Expert

Post production expert Alan Sallabank did another review of Video Slave 3 for Pro Tools Expert. He highlights the new features and talks about his experience with Video Slave 3's new Dub features.

Alan Sallabank on Pro Tools Expert writes;

"Non Lethal Applications have been really busy over the last few months, intensely talking with users across all genres - music scoring and mixing, language re-versioning and original version ADR, finding out what more they can add, to quite frankly an already incredible piece of software."

He also had a deeper look at the Dub features added with the release of Video Slave 3:

"Video Slave 3 Dub can completely remote control Pro Tools, so it is possible to conduct an entire ADR session without even looking at the Pro Tools screen. Set up is simple and logical."

Read and watch the full review of Video Slave 3 here.