Video Slave 3.1 released


Video Slave 3.1 Release


We just released Video Slave 3.1 including bug fixes and improvements as well as new features.
This is a recommended update for all Video Slave 3 users and is free for all Video Slave subscribers as well as for Video Slave 3 license owners. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the Video Slave menu or download the file directly from Here's a detailed list of the changes: 

Here's a list:

New features

  • Added "Go To Event" search field (Shortcut: Cmd+G)
  • Audio regions can now be positioned by either dragging them around or double-clicking them and defining a TC start/end.
  • Added actor overlay option as part of the character overlay
  • Added open-ended record mode preference. You can now choose between single cue recording and open-ended record mode. The black screen before (if applicable) will only show for the first cue when starting playback.
  • Added support for DAW audio tracks multiple edit
  • Events can now be joined/merged

Bug fixes/improvements

  • Event filters now work across movies
  • Improved Blackmagic/AJA startup performance
  • Events can now be exported for all movies in the playlist at once
  • Revised import events window with more control regarding which movie events are to be assigned to
  • Updated FFmpeg framework to fix existing issues with DNxHD and to enable DNxHR
  • Fixed an issue causing high CPU load when using DNxHD clips (and possibly also others)
  • Video Slave sets cues to "Done" when they are first recorded
  • You can now sort by the "Done" column in the event list to quickly find remaining cues
  • Print layouts now also contain movie name
  • You can now print or create CSV exports of several movies at once
  • Text in the list window table view no longer turns black when the list window is not the frontmost window
  • "Engineer" is now replaced with "Sound Supervisor" on printouts
  • Fixed a crash when saving a playlist with empty versions
  • Fixed crashes when exporting movies with external audio files
  • The timecode overlay now uses a semicolon for dropframe TC
  • Many minor fixes and improvements