Video Slave 3.2 released


Video Slave 3.2 Release


We just released Video Slave 3.2 including bug fixes and improvements as well as new features.
This is a recommended update for all Video Slave 3 users and is free for all Video Slave subscribers as well as for Video Slave 3 license owners. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the Video Slave menu or download the file directly from Here's a detailed list of the changes: 

New Features in 3.2:

  • Support for half-speed playback from Pro Tools.
  • Video Slave now determines its playback speed from the video reference if attached. This requires a Blackmagic or AJA device with video reference input
  • Video Slave now supports the import of DS Taker DBF files. Markers are imported as Streamer events.
  • Added new preference for the import of sub-cues (currently only supported with DBF files)
  • Added support for flutters/punches during cues
  • Added ADR Cue default duration setting. This setting is also used when importing ADR Cues from script files when no output TC is provided.
  • Added support for open ended cues. If start and end TC are set to the same value, cues will behave as if they were open ended. There will be a streamer/countdown at the beginning and the text/actor/record mode overlay but no progress bar and no black screen. (Note: open ended cues only work when rehearsing/recording/reviewing cues from Pro Tools and also only if batch recording mode is disabled)


  • Improved frame-accurate looping. This requires a DAW connection and is thus only available in Video Slave 3 Dub
  • Video Slave now displays the HUI connection state in the preferences
  • Filtering for actor and character now uses a dropdown menu instead of a text field
  • New display settings preferences UI. Many customers were confused by the combination of device list and device settings. We changed the settings UI now to make it more obvious.
  • Renamed recording mode "Open Ended" to "Batch Recording" to avoid confusion to the now available open ended cues

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where importing a short CSV file with a trailing carriage return wouldn't work - Fixed a stall/beachball when using MMC
  • Fixed a bug reporting a successful activation even though there was a problem with the internet connection
  • Fixed a bug of wrong event TC addresses when changing movie start/end TC
  • Fixed a bug where systemwide shortcuts for the ADR features wouldn't work in the demo
  • Fixed a crash on event file import if character and actor are not both mapped
  • Fixed a bug where Video Slave would crash if a Mono output bus was selected for the audio beep
  • Fixed a bug causing a crash when deleting movies from the playlist
  • Fixed bug where adjusting an audio region's start TC wouldn't work reliably