ADR Master 1.3 Released

ADR Master 1.1 Release

We have just released ADR Master 1.3 containing new features, many improvements as well as bug fixes. This new version is a recommended update and is free for all ADR Master users and also for all subscribers. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the ADR Master menu or download the file directly from

All Changes in ADR Master 1.3:

New features and improvements

  • Live events - ADR Master can now read text and timecode start and end from a selected region and show prompts with text overlay for this cue with the click of a button (Cmd+Shift+F1/F3/F4)
  • Cue numbering - you can now define a cue numbering scheme on a per project basis. ADR Master will use this to generate cue numbers when new events are created or imported
  • You can now export an ADR Overview PDF with information on the number of cues per character, the percentage of recorded cues etc.
  • Support for the new DAWLink project link interface
  • You can now choose if you want to use HUI and the Accessibility interface or if you want to use the Accessibility interface only. This may help users having temporary with the HUI protocol-based approach
  • The state of the Script Import window is now stored as part of the project so import can be resumed at any time
  • Added basic undo functionality to the Script Import window
  • You can now choose if you want to move the DAW track settings when tracks in the DAW are moved or deleted or if you want to leave the matrix unchanged

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug for undoing/redoing when moving regions
  • Fixed a bug causing wrong behavior with fullscreen mode if one of the attached screens is rotated 90 degrees
  • Fixed a bug causing cues to not be imported properly when the timeline contained a 24 hour mark wrap
  • Fixed a bug when opening VS 3 projects with offline assets
  • CSV import improvements
  • Rotated movies are now detected properly and the output is flipped
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements