ADR Master Editor

state-of-the-art dialogue cueing solution

ADR Master Editor is the result of years of engineering and listening carefully to audio engineers working with dialogue on a daily basis. It includes all features our synchronized movie player Video Slave 4 Pro offers but adds vital tools for cueing ADR. Import cues from a number of supported file formats or create them directly in ADR Master. Export the cues, print a cue sheet or send the cues to Pro Tools as region groups. Download your demo today to see for yourself how it can improve and speed up your workflow!

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Main Features

Synchronized Video Playback graphic

ADR Cueing - standalone or using Pro Tools

ADR Master offers many ways to create or edit ADR cue events. Create them directly in ADR Master using either the event list or the event track UI, import them from text files stored in one of the supported formats (CSV, ADR Studio XML, Pro Tools Session Info text file, ...) or grab them directly from a timeline selection in Pro Tools.

The plethora of overlays ADR Master offers will help you organize your cues and make sure they match the picture perfectly.


Exporting, printing, reconforming

When you're done cueing, you can either export the cues as CSV file or print cue sheets choosing from different templates. Alternatively, you can send the cues back to Pro Tools as region groups - either one at a time or in larger batches. ADR Master can also export ASC files for the SESAM disposition software.

Using third party applications like Conformalizer, you can even reconform your cues if necessary from the exported CSV files.


Playback Engine with GPU-supported Rendering

Leverage the power of ADR Master to playback all today's commonly used codecs including ProRes, H.264, and AVC Intra. The supported container types include QuickTime, MXF, and others.

Stop wasting time transcoding movie clips to a format preferred by your DAW. Just drop the video clip into ADR Master, and it does the rest.

ADR Master gives exceptional video playback and saves you valuable time.

Customizable Movie Export

Customizable Movie Export

An essential part of any workflow is the ability to export movies for different scenarios. Ever needed to export a movie with an added piece of music for the director? Alternatively, export a video with your programmed ADR cues to send to the voice talent?

Now you can with ADR Master's flexible movie exporting capabilities. ADR Master lets you select the video and audio codec for the export, lets you choose which audio tracks you want in the file and lets you set the export range.

Stephan Fandrych

Try it out, and you will see how fast the system runs. You don't need a second computer as a video playback machine [...]. You just install it, then make a few adjustments to Pro Tools, and it runs. It's straightforward to use, and it has a lot of features that you will love after a while.

Stephan Fandrych
ADR and Dubbing Engineer

Read Stephan's full story

Other Features

Overlays Preview

Overlays to transform your daily work

ADR Master provides flexible overlays, enabling the superimposition of all types of visual cues over the picture - useful in a whole range of scenarios. From simple on/off overlays for timecode or feet and frames to timed overlays for streamers, markers, flutters, and ADR cues. Timed overlays can be programmed directly within ADR Master, but also triggered directly from your DAW or other MIDI-compatible equipment such as a keyboard or trigger pads.


ADR Master Sound Screenshot

Professional audio capabilities

ADR Master will playback all audio tracks a movie contains with up to 8 channels per track. Additionally, you can create audio tracks and drag audio files to them the same way you can in your DAW. ADR Master will draw audio waveforms and offer all audio-related features you are used to on your workstation such as flexible output routing and standard audio controls such as solo, mute, volume and pan on an individual track basis.


ADR Master Project Icon

Ease your workflow with timelines

No matter if you're working on a reel-based feature film, commercials or a whole season of a TV or web series, ADR Master's timeline feature has you covered!

A project in ADR Master can contain several timelines, and each timeline can hold several video and audio tracks. Use one movie per timeline or all reels of a film, use several video tracks in one timeline or only one and instead use separate timelines - whatever aids your workflow. Edit video and audio regions to easily insert a rendered scene or have one timeline for a reel-wise and another for a tied version of the same film for presentation purposes - all in the same project and with minimal effort.

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  ADR Master Editor ADR Master Studio
Movie playback
Synchronized movie playback with scrubbing support using MTC and MMC
Support for all of the most common codecs and containers
Support for movies in the MXF container (Op1A and OpAtom)
Projects with timelines
Flexible movie export to H.264 and Pro Res
Video Device Support
Blackmagic Device Support with output resolutions up to Full HD
Blackmagic/AJA Device Support with output resolutions up to 4K
Support for two external (Blackmagic or AJA) devices at a time (with resolutions up to Full HD)
Video reference/genlock support
Overlays / Visual Events
Timecode overlay
Streamer, Marker, Flutter Events
ADR Cue Events
Visual event import (CSV, ADR Studio XML, SRT/STL)
Visual event printing with different layouts
Visual event export to CSV
ADR Features
Create/modify ADR Cue events with Pro Tools selection
Send ADR Cue Events to Pro Tools as region groups
Record/Rehearse/Review ADR Cue events with Pro Tools
Track mute/record matrix for fine-grained track control in Pro Tools
Pro Tools track naming when recording
System Requirements
Supported OS Mac OS X 10.10 and later
Minimum Requirements Intel Mac with 4 GB RAM, HDD, 512 MB VRAM Intel Mac with 8 GB RAM, HDD, 1 GB VRAM
Recommended Requirements Intel Mac with 8 GB RAM, SSD, 1 GB VRAM Intel Mac with 16 GB RAM, SSD, 2 GB VRAM

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