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Video Slave 3 - The Playlist Settings Window

The Playlist Settings Window

Video Slave playlist window

At the top of the window, there's a box for export settings. There is a textbox each for the project name, the recording studio name and the recording engineer's name. The values you enter here will be used for the page header of the first page when printing a cue sheet. They will be stored on a per playlist basis.

In the table below, you can define an episode prefix for each movie in the playlist. This prefix is currently unused but will be in the near future.

In the last table at the bottom, you can define all characters along with a prefix and an actor name. When setting up ADR cue events, you will be able to select between all characters in this list. When recording, you can tell Video Slave to use the character prefix of the selected character.

You can add characters manually by clicking the "+" button and typing in the character information. When importing ADR cues from one of the supported import file formats, Video Slave will extract the actors automatically.