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Designed specifically for Pro Tools® based Dialogue/ADR Editors & Supervisors, and incorporating all the features of Video Sync Pro, ADR Master 2 Editor adds vital ADR cueing tools. Create, trim, split or merge ADR Cues directly in ADR Master - with added Rich Text & Reason support; or capture & modify them from Pro Tools® timeline selections. Bulk import ADR cues from a wide range of supported file formats, or use the semi-automated script import cueing process. Send multiple ADR Cues to Pro Tools® as ADR region groups. 

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Ideal for (but not limited to):

Dialogue Editors ADR Editors ADR Supervisors Foley Editors Content Translation

Main Features

Cueing ADR dialogue - quick and easy
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ADR Master offers many ways to create or edit ADR cue events. Create them quickly & directly in ADR Master with a single button press, import them all or one-by-one from a shooting script, from a text file stored in one of the supported formats (CSV, ADR Studio XML, Pro Tools Session Info text file, etc) or grab & fine-tune them directly from a timeline selection in Pro Tools.

Take advantage of the new Rich text formatting support throughout ADR Master to add advanced text funtionality such as bold, underline, italic, strikethrough & text color. Word and Excel files can be imported without the cues losing their text formatting. Files exported as PDF or Excel files will also preserve the text formatting information.

Select the exact reason code for each cue from the thoroughly designed ADR Cue reasons list available in ADR Master.

Exporting, printing, reconforming
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When you're done logging your ADR Cues, you can either print cue sheets in a variety of different templates, or export them as a CSV file or PDF. Alternatively, you can send the cues back to Pro Tools as region groups - either one at a time, or in larger batches.

For Productions & Supervisors, there's also an ADR Overview Sheet available showing the number of lines per character and the overall recording status. All timelines now have a language field for better use in translation settings. The language will be read from and written to Netflix TTAL files on import/export respectively.

If you need to re-conform your cues, third party applications like Matchbox will do the job with the exported CSV file. Or with the cues sent to Pro Tools tracks, re-conform the Pro Tools session, export your updated cues as .txt file & re-import them directly back into ADR Master.

Live Events - the most accurate way to cue ADR in Pro Tools
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Logging your ADR cues directly within Pro Tools as region groups? Ever wanted to immediately rehearse a Pro Tools region group ADR cue with overlays - to check timings, text & ADR Cue details?

Now you can with ADR Master's new Live Events feature. Select an ADR region group in Pro Tools & press Alt+Cmd+F1 to Activate Rehearse mode. ADR Master will extract the text and in/out point from the region and play the cue with pre-roll, ADR prompts, and text.

Quick and easy - and without ever leaving Pro Tools!

Overlays to transform your daily work
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ADR Master provides flexible overlays, enabling the superimposition of all types of visual cues over the picture - useful in a whole range of scenarios.

From simple on/off overlays for timecode or feet and frames to timed overlays for streamers, markers, flutters, and ADR cues.

Timed overlays can be programmed directly within ADR Master, but also triggered directly from your DAW or other MIDI-compatible equipment such as a keyboard or trigger pads.

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Support for all of the most common codecs and containers  
Support for movies in the MXF container (Op1A and OpAtom)  
Synchronized movie playback with scrubbing support using MTC and MMC  
Synchronized playback with scrubbing support with Avid Satellite Link  
Dual display mode (picture-in-picture, side-by-side, A/B)  
Direct audio playback from Video Files without creating new media  
Direct video playback - no copies  
Blackmagic Device Support with output resolutions up to Full HD  
Blackmagic/AJA Device Support Support for output resolutions up to 4K  
Video reference/genlock support  
Support for two external (Blackmagic or AJA) devices at a time (with resolutions up to Full HD) Only in STUDIO
Export Video Files with Overlays  
Export Video Files with mixed down audio from selected tracks  
Export Video Files with multiple tracks/stems  
Export Audio Mixdown Files from selected tracks  
Export separate Audio Files from selected tracks  
Timecode overlay  
Streamer, Marker, Flutter events  
ADR Cues  
Triggering Visual Events through MIDI Notes  
Visual Event Import from CSV Files  
Visual Event Import from SRT/STL (subtitle) files  
Visual Event Import from ADR Studio XML files  
Visual Event Import from Pro Tools Session Info Text files  
Visual Event Import from Microsoft Excel files  
Visual Event Import from Netflix TTAL files  
Script Import from Microsoft Word documents  
Script Import from PDF files  
Export Visual Events as CSV Files  
Export Visual Events as Netflix TTAL Files  
Export Visual Events as Microsoft Excel Files  
Export Visual Events as PDF with different layouts  
Export ADR Overview Sheets as PDF  
Export Scheduling File (Sesam or Arendis format)  
Event Editing with support for rich text (bold, underlined, italic, strikethrough, text color)  
Capture events from Pro Tools selection  
Modify visual events from Pro Tools selection  
Send ADR Cue Events to Pro Tools as region groups  
Live Events to Rehearse/Record/Review cues quickly  
Record/Rehearse/Review ADR Cue events with Pro Tools Only in STUDIO
Track mute/record matrix for fine-grained track control in Pro Tools Only in STUDIO
Pro Tools track naming when recording Only in STUDIO
Supported OS macOS 10.13 and later
Minimum Requirements Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 8 GB RAM, HDD, 512 MB VRAM
Recommended Requirements Intel/Apple Silicon Mac with 16 GB RAM, SSD, 1 GB VRAM

ADR Master Studio in real-life scenarios

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Stephan Fandrych
ADR and Dubbing Engineer

Try it out, and you will see how fast the system runs. You don't need a second computer as a video playback machine [...]. You just install it, then make a few adjustments to Pro Tools, and it runs. It's straightforward to use, and it has a lot of features that you will love after a while.


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