ADR Master 1.1 Released

ADR Master 1.1 Release

We have just released ADR Master 1.1 containing new features, many improvements as well as bug fixes. This new version is a recommended update and is free for all ADR Master users and also for all subscribers. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the ADR Master menu or download the file directly from

All Changes in ADR Master 1.1:

New features and improvements

  • Added a mini player mode
  • Added a play control overlay to the mini player and fullscreen window
  • Improved main window resizing behavior and removed rendering artifacts
  • Timelines can now be duplicated
  • The timeline order in the list can now be changed by dragging
  • Overlay position is now also correct on the internal screen
  • New ADR Cue from Pro Tools doesn't work if in and out are identical
  • Improved scroll view behavior in Project and DAW tab
  • Added a sample rate setting to the audio settings window
  • Character and actor overlay are now either left or right aligned which makes alignment easier
  • Added a preference to disable XKeys Remote
  • Double-clicking media item now highlights all regions in the timeline using it
  • Mouse is now hidden in fullscreen mode when inactive
  • Unicode support for ADR Cue and Marker text

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing the track switching to not work properly when running a cue without preroll
  • Muting individual stereo tracks now also works with Ctrl click, not only right click
  • Fixed a bug causing Revert to Saved to not work properly
  • Fixed a bugs causing ADR Master to crash for no apparent reason and also when switching Pro Tools sessions
  • When a rehearse/record/review pass is started, all overlays are shown independent of the event's boundaries
  • Fixed a bug causing the title bar to not be hidden on macOS 10.10 in fullscreen mode
  • When a record track is defined, new tracks don't get it assigned automatically
  • Other minor bug/crash fixes