Video Slave 4.1 released

Video Slave 4.1 Release

We have just released Video Slave 4.1 containing new features, many improvements as well as bug fixes. This new version is a recommended update and is free for all Video Slave 4 and also for all subscribers. Please use the "Check for updates" functionality directly from the Video Slave menu or download the file directly from

All Changes in Video Slave 4.1:

New features and improvements

  • Added a mini player mode
  • Added a play control overlay to the mini player and fullscreen window
  • Improved main window resizing behavior and removed rendering artifacts
  • Timelines can now be duplicated
  • The timeline order in the list can now be changed by dragging
  • Added a sample rate setting to the audio settings window
  • Overlay position is now also correct on the internal screen
  • Double-clicking media item now highlights all regions in the timeline using it
  • Printing cue sheets now has an option to print them sorted by character rather than by timecode
  • Mouse is now hidden in fullscreen mode when inactive
  • Unicode support for ADR Cue and Marker text

Bug Fixes

  • Muting individual stereo tracks now also works with Ctrl click, not only right click
  • Fixed a bug causing Revert to Saved to not work properly
  • Fixed a bug causing the title bar to not be hidden on macOS 10.10 in fullscreen mode
  • Other minor bug/crash fixes