We have just released Video Slave 3.3 containing some great new features as well as bug fixes and other improvements.

Ever wondered what the whole genlocking and video reference topic is all about? We just added a nice knowledge base article about these topics and how it is used in Video Slave.

We just released Video Slave 3.2 including bug fixes and stability improvements but also new features.

Video Slave 3 offers different kinds of visual cues which can help you in a variety of scenarios. We just added an article to explain how they can help you in collaborating with e.g. directors.

We recently released Video Slave 3.1 including bug fixes and stability improvements but also new features.

We just added setup instructions on how to connect Ableton Live with Video Slave.

Post production expert Alan Sallabank did another review of Video Slave 3 for Pro Tools Expert. He highlights the new features and talks about his experience with Video Slave 3's new Dub features.

We just added a new short video showing you how to setup Video Slave 3 to playback a movie in sync with Pro Tools.

Today, we are proud to announce the official release of Video Slave 3. Video Slave 3 boasts a host of new features and improvements, and allows customers to choose how to license the software, including perpetual licenses and easy-to-understand subscription options.

Our popular Timecode Calculator for Mac is now available as a free download.

Composer Michael W. Bell has made this excellent video overview of Video Slave 2 being used in Avid Pro Tools as his video playback device.


It seems the team at Pro Tools Expert can't say enough nice things about Video Slave 2, our video slave software for Mac.


Video Slave 2, our synchronized video player for all popular DAWs like Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and Studio One, has been reviewed from Marcus Huyskens on Studio One Expert recently.

Marcus says this in his article;

"I recently had the opportunity to check out this brilliant app for working with video in Studio One. So I encourage you to read my review. "

Video Slave 2 has been reviewed from Pro Tools Expert recently. Post production specialist Alan Sallbank asks is Video Slave 2 an Avid Video Satellite alternative?